CMBSlib: a library of Computational Models of Biological Systems

maintained by Sylvain Soliman
and François Fages

with help from the ARC CPBIO


CMBSlib is a library of computational models of biological systems.

It is aimed at providing a list of test problems for formalisms, modeling issues and implementation issues in systems biology.

The library consists of:

The main motivation for CMBSlib is to stimulate research on the formal modeling of biological systems, by facilitating the exchange of formal models between researchers, and by providing a forum of comparison and validation of models, formalisms and implementations.

Unlike a  standardization effort, CMBSlib welcomes the most exotic formalisms and models provided they attack the modeling of well documented biological systems. Models of biological systems written in any referenced formalism can be submitted to CMBSlib. No special format or standard is required.

To propose new entries, or to extend or correct existing entries, please email Sylvain Soliman