A CLP(FD) implementation on top of Prolog

This directory contains a prototype implementation of Constraint Logic Programming over finite domains CLP(FD) on top of Prolog (currently Sicstus Prolog version 3 or 2).

This system has been realized only to serve *teaching purposes*, as a companion to the book of Francois FAGES, "Programmation Logique par Contraintes", Collection Cours de l'Ecole Polytechnique, Ellipse, Paris. 1996.

The source code is freely distributed without any warranty of any kind (new version here). Bug reports can be sent to fages@dmi.ens.fr, but there is no warranty that they will be fixed in new releases, nor that the system will be ported on top of other systems than Sicstus Prolog.

The system has been designed for a pedagogical purpose only. Much more efficient CLP(FD) systems are available on the market, and it is recommended to use these other systems for more advanced experimental works.

In order to install the system, just load the file makeclp.pl in Sicstus Prolog.