Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique (MPRI)

Instilling in students the feel for biological systems and for models that are used to explore them.

Within the MPRI master, I'm involved together with Francois Fages, Jean Krivine, and Denis Thieffry in the computational biology course. This course is primarily intended for computer scientists has a strong emphasis on mathematical and computational methods. Firstly, we show that understanding the functioning of biomolecular systems amounts to study uncertain high-dimensional non-linear dynamical system. Secondly, we introduce several methods developed in the hybrid system community to analyse such systems.

The slides corresponding to these lectures are available below.

Master Approches Interdisciplinaire du Vivant (AIV)

The ability to gauge the complexity of a biological system is arguably more beneficial
than the mastery of selected techniques of system analysis.

Within the AIV master, I'm involved in the computational biology course. The objective of the course is to present existing computational methods that are useful for model developement and model analysis. Such notions include deterministic and stochastic modeling, parameter search, and sensitivity analysis. However, the main focus is understanding how models can help dealing with the biological complexity. The slides corresponding to past lectures are available on the combio website.

Other teaching activities

In addition to MPRI and AIV masters, I have also given classes at the first ICS summer school on biomathematics and bioinformatics in Roscoff (2 days) and at the biologie des systèmes cellulaires interdisciplinary master at ENS Paris (1 day).