Curriculum Vitae (version française)


clp2zinc (and the ClpZinc modeling language)
A front-end to compile CLP specifications of search strategies into Zinc models.
SiLCC is Linear Logic Concurrent Constraint.
Existential Modules for Prolog.
Modular CHR with ask and tell.
First-order Computation Tree Logic solver on linear arithmetic over the reals.


Talks for the Internal Seminar of Contraintes Project

10 March 2010 (PDF)
Angelic semantics for SiLCC
18 November 2009 (PDF)
The Cream type system
7 July 2009 (PDF)
On connections between CHR and LCC
21 July 2008 (PDF, TeX)
Constraint Grammars. Introduction to a syntactic description schema for sets of constraints.
16 June 2008 (PDF, Tar-GZ)
Modular CHR with ask and tell. Presentation of the CHRat article.
26 May 2008 (PDF, TeX)
Disjoint-set Data Structure for Equality Theory. Union-find algorithm and optimal code generation for entailment checking.
17 March 2008 (PDF)
About Feature Trees.
7 January 2008 (PDF)
About my understanding of what is a labelled graph constraint system: Prolog term processing predicates as constraints / Generalization: starting from terms as labelled arrays of subterms to go to maps from terms to terms / Maps and association graphs (graphs each edge of which is labelled by a vertex, link with composition laws).